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Welcome To
Titanic Theatre Co.

Founded in 2010 TTC is committed to sharp-edged, contemporary Comedy.

We're a seat-of-the-pants, highwire-without-a-net, no-holds-barred kind of company. Whether it's smooth sailing, or a little comedic heavy surf, we're a company that's not afraid to take the plunge. Come along for the ride

We rely on the generosity of donors who share our vision and our passion for bold programming. Titanic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations to Titanic are fully tax-deductible and always much appreciated

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Upcoming show

SATURDAY, Mar. 06th 
7:00 - 8:00pm


Titanic Theatre Company Presents:

Discovery: The Universe

Come along with TTC as we sail into 2021

with our first of three Zoom Play readings.

Featuring the work of celebrated playwrights

1) Zodiac Zoe by Fabiola Decius

Directed by Darren Evans 

Performed by Kaya Simmons & Claire Moorer

2) Every Creeping Thing by David Beardsley

Directed by Darren Evans

Performed by Steve Auger, Maureen Adduci, Chris Wagner,

Phil Thompson, Naeemah A. White-Peppers & Holly Newman


With a rocking video from our favorite bank KOLARS

Featuring Lauren Brown

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Other  Upcoming Events 
Third Story pic.jpg


 Sept. 18th 2021

Our 3rd Zoom Reading
details to follow
More info soon!


 May15th 2021

Our 2nd Zoom Reading
details to follow very soon.
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